Struer-Thyholm Taxi
    - safe and comfortable passenger service

Unfortunately this site has yet not been provided in an english version.

Of course you could try Google Translate or a similar service. However, it's our
experience that the information herein gets garbled with heaps of nonsense.
Probably very amusing, but not exactly informative.

Instead we encourage you to call our booking office at +45 97 87 80 80 with any
inquiries you may have regarding taxi transport or airport limousine services to
Karup and Billund Airports.

They will be more than happy to assist you.

We hope to get the opportunity to welcome you in one of our taxis.

Struer-Thyholm Taxa:

Tlf.: 88 700 600


Adr.: Degnemarken 2, DK-7600 Struer

CVR: 35348050